European corrected grain cow leather.


Variant Derby Products ,

European corrected grain cow leather.


ContentCorrected and embossed grains
FinishSemi Aniline
Thickness0.8 – 1.0 mm
Average hide size45 sq.ft (+,-)
Performance Characteristics
Tearing Strength ASTM D 4704Complies
Crocking ASTM D 5053Class 3.5 – 4
Elongation ASTM D2211Complies
Light Fastness 72 Hrs AATCC 16Class 4
Abrasion ASTM D 3884Complies
Breaking Force ASTM 2208Complies
Flammability Test
Cigarette Ignition Resistance (NFPA 260)Class 1
California Technical Bulletin 117Class 1
Ignitability of Upholstered Seating by Smoldering and Flaming Sources (BS5852)Complies
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