About Baron Leather

We Breathe Leather

Baron Leather is committed to manufacturing and designing the most opulent and supple natural leathers. We have an industry span of aviation, automotive, high-end hospitality, residential, and commercial interior design. With our headquarters in Georgia, we believe in the enduring quality and timeless appeal of true leather. Our fine collection is constantly evolving. Baron’s cutting-edge capabilities and streamlined global supply chain caters to bringing your vision to life with the right price, in a timely fashion.

Our history

Baron’s proud heritage, created over decades of perseverance and vision, is the result of the ethics of its founders, along with trusted and innovative partners. Baron Leather was established during the crux of the global economic expansion in the 1980s. Baron began as a domestic company, trading leather goods within the country, and worked its way up to contract-based manufacturing. Originally a “trading house”, the company evolved to exporting indigenous leather goods to Germany, UAE, and England.

In 1999, the founders decided to restructure the company internally with immediate effect which comprised all the departments, modus operandi, and management. This process was complicated and inefficient, yet imperative to keep the company integrated and strong in its ethics and culture.

The Baron Difference

Up until the 1990s, Baron’s primary business had been the export of leather goods and garments by partnering with various domestic and Italian tanneries. As domestic production declined and the company reached saturation, Baron diversified as a leather provider to furniture manufacturers with a vision to revolutionize the upholstery leather market. Incrementally, the company focus shifted from price-sensitive commercial leathers to more natural and supple tannage and finishes. These reforming efforts brought a fashion essence to the furnishing market that displayed the detailed and visual beauty of leather.

Over the years, Baron formed enduring synergies with trusted & sustainable tanneries in Italy, the Far East, and New Zealand. By 2010, Baron was an integrated player across high-end hospitality, aviation, marine, and automotive sectors with a wide base of architects, interior designers, and top companies across the globe. In 2013, a strategic partnership was curated, and Baron partnered with Fortune 500 TATA International Limited to produce a wide range of affordable upholstery leathers for the Eastern Market. Three-Dimensional hand-sculpted leather was a futuristic concept until 2016 when Baron invested in intricate machines to provide the most artful and exclusive designs.


Today, Baron’s operations span the USA and various emerging countries across the Far East, South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe with its headquarters in Georgia. Baron crafts the most innovative and supple natural leathers for aviation, automotive, high-end hospitality, residential and commercial interior design industries.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with solutions, dedication, and superior service while achieving excellence in quality, reliability and safety to our people and planet.