Installation & Maintenance
Installation and Care:
We recommend, prior to installation tiles should be opened from boxes and allow to acclimate a minimum of 2 days.

Leather tiles should be installed on a clean, unfinished surface. We recommend plywood surface, with a good quality non-flammable contact adhesive.

In any area experienced & intelligent ceramic tile installers would be eager to install leather tiles.
On completion of installation, leather floor/wall surface needs to be waxed and buffed. Waxing will fill the thin gaps and buffing will help bringing life to the leather floor, giving it rich and natural look.

Depending upon use, buffing every three months is recommended.

Cleaning a leather floor is easy, use a soft damp cloth to clean the surface area softly. Leather being a natural product, each scratch and marks makes it look richer and natural. Over the period leather tiles will develop a natural patina, giving it a luxurious look as it grows old.
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